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Extra Large E-Glass Epoxy Dude! Cruise Twin

Exile Wake

This board is built with Aerospace grade fabrics and resin.  E-Glass is the most common fiber reinforcement used in the composites world. It's slightly heavier than the Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy models, and has a little more flex, but is still incredibly light and durable by comparison. A great board for the price, and the tip of our high end line.

This board is shorter and wider than your typical wakesurfer. The width gives the board a ton of float and great maneuvering due to the wing on each side to bring the tail in, as well as, the swallow tail feature. The width also helps keep the board very stable under a riders feet. It's long straighter outline is great for down the line style riding.

This board features two of Exile's proprietary Accelerator Fin™ technology. These fins have a micro-texture on the surface which causes water aeration thus reducing drag and increasing speed. The fins design increases stability while keeping the board incredibly maneuverable.

Our NT Finish is the strongest in the World.   It combines beautiful cosmetics with tough durability that can take a beating over time.

The board comes standard with 2 Accelerator Fins™ as well as a set of our front and rear traction pads.

Dimensions 52.50" x 22" x 3/4"

Rider Weight Limit 250lbs.

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